The clean solution for municipal waste

The Process

The patented reCulture process, developed by reCulture AB, offers recovery of clean energy from domestic waste, yet does not require any changes in current waste collection methods. The mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) process is based on a technique used in the recovery of cellulose fibre from recycled paper. Ordinary mixed waste is converted into bio fuel, while water, salts and non-combustible materials are recovered in a closed-loop system.

(Figures are based on Swedish conditions)

Energy from waste

The reCulture fuel has a more stable moisture content and higher calorific value than common biomass fuels. Fuel moisture and texture can be adapted for different boilers. On comparison with incineration of unsorted domestic waste and other types of RDF, considerably larger amounts of energy are obtained. 


reCulture plants can be located close to densely populated areas, further reducing transport costs and emissions. Furthermore, time from reception to creation of fuel is approximately one hour, comparing very favorably with other systems. Importantly, the process results in less waste to landfill/destruction, embracing EEC diversion from this practise and allowing national targets to be met.


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